Navigating the Covid-19 Crisis: An Opportunity for Digital Transformation

Navigating the Covid-19 Crisis: An Opportunity for Digital Transformation

Regardless of where your business stands amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, adapting to new circumstances is necessary.

As an entrepreneur, you need to fuel and inspire transformation, either to keep your organization above the surface or to ride the paradoxical wave of opportunity.

How Can MassiveGRID & 7L International Help You Go Digital?


In this context, MassiveGRID & 7L International can help you facilitate change in two ways;

Our Business Continuity Plan allows us to be capable and confident of accommodating the increased needs of clients who face unexpected workloads caused by any uncomfortable situation like the current global disruption or need to stress test their overall capacities.

Numerous existing clients have contacted us to co-develop custom solutions that will help manage their existing situation and/or transform their business to accommodate the changing needs of their clientele. Feel free to contact us to discuss further if you face similar challenges.

What Should You Do Now?


Create Online Presence: The average time of online browsing has greatly increased. Your audience now uses the internet to facilitate everyday activities more than ever. Your online presence is necessary so you may not lose new business opportunities.


Create Online Sales Channels: If you are losing revenue due to the closing of your physical points of sale, it is time to interact with your clients online, through highly available, secure e-commerce channels.


Make it Easy for Your Team to Work From Home (WFH): Help your employees go remote by providing them with a secure Remote Desktop solution.


Keep Your Team Organized: Work through a Cloud Collaboration Platform, to keep employees organized and aligned through easy-to-use Web Conferencing.


Keep Communication Secure: Remote working is on the rise. So are digital security risks. Enable secure communication throughout your organization, through Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

For further details on how we can help you navigate global uncertainty for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic, please contact us at our dedicated email address: [email protected]

Regardless of the circumstances, we are here to help you deal with each challenge in the most efficient way.

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