Global perspectives at Doukas School: Fostering excellence in international education

At Doukas School, the course for admission to top universities passes through the International Studies Department. Through a variety of options tailored to the profile and desires of each student, studying abroad becomes a reality. Preparation for the International Baccalaureate, the International A’ Levels and the BTEC Foundation in Art, Design & Media Practice can […]

PPC FiberGrid: FTTH to 1.7 m households in 2025

A new era for telecommunications in Greece is being brought closer by PPC Group. PPC FiberGrid, the PPC subsidiary that has undertaken the development and provision of a nationwide fiber-to-the-home network, announces its construction plan until 2025, according to which fiber optic cables will reach 1.7 m households and businesses.

From words to roots: Discovering Greek heritage through language

Growing up in a Greek household far from the homeland fosters a natural desire to connect with one’s heritage. Immersed in stories, customs, and traditions passed down by family, individuals feel the pull to understand the deeper roots that shape their identity.

Position of Chief Operations Officer at the American Farm School

Position summary The American Farm School and Perrotis College over the years have developed a number of diverse educational services and production activities that require the skills of an experienced Chief Operations Officer (COO) to oversee the organization’s ongoing operations and procedures.

Campion’s class of 2023 finishes with great IB results

Campion School is pleased to announce that, following on from our IB results released on 5th July, members of our graduating class have been offered places of study at some of the most prestigious institutions in North American and Europe.

Defense solutions by EDGE at DEFEA 2023

EDGE, one of the fastest growing groups with a leading role in the advanced technology and defense industry, participated for the first time in the International Defense and Security Exhibition DEFEA – Defense Exhibition Athens 2023, which took place in Athens on May.

Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa

Drenched in natural beauty with a scenic escape, Patmos is an ideal destination for nature lovers and cultured explorers aiming to discover the island’s authentic heritage, rich history, and amazing coastlines.

Forward-looking boards & succession planning

Forward-Looking Boards & Succession Planning Aligning corporations and forward-looking governing bodies for sustainable value creation Why Succession Planning Is Important  The context in which companies operate today has been dramatically transformed by unprecedented circumstances including, but not limited to, climate change, diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic. […]