Waclawa ‘Joanne’ Zak, a ‘My Life, My Story’ participant who fought in the Polish resistance during World War II, in Oxford, Wis., where she now lives, September 15, 2020. Narrative medicine is now taught in some form at roughly 80% of medical schools in the United States – students are trained in ‘sensitive interviewing skills’ and the art of ‘radical listening’ as ways to enhance the interactions between doctors and their patients. [Andy Manis/The New York Times]

The pandemic has been a time of painful social isolation for many. Few places can be as isolating as hospitals, where patients are surrounded by strangers, subject to invasive tests and attached to an assortment of beeping and gurgling machines.

Liat Kaplan questions what she was trying to accomplish with her anonymous Tumblr. [Paige Stampatori/The New York Times]

If you were on Tumblr in the early 2010s, you may remember a blog called Your Fave Is Problematic. If not, its content should still sound familiar to you.

A man in a patriotic shirt during the ‘Salute to America’ event on the Fourth of July on the National Mall in Washington, July 4, 2019. [Damon Winter/The New York Times]

In the last six months I’ve heard one phrase more often than I had in my previous 66 years: “Can you believe this is happening in America?” As in: “I spent the whole day hunting online for a drugstore to get a Covid vaccination. Can you believe this is happening in America?” “Fellow Americans ransacked […]


Blue Lives Matter is officially dead. People may continue to chant and post the slogan, but it is dead. Senate Republicans killed it last week when they voted to acquit Donald Trump of inciting an insurrection that left one officer dead and 138 injured. (Two officers who responded to the insurrection later died by suicide.)


PANJWAI, Afghanistan – The Taliban have been encroaching on key cities around Afghanistan for months, threatening to drive the country to its breaking point and push the Biden administration into a no-win situation just as the United States’ longest war is supposed to be coming to an end.