February 3, 1953

1,650 DEAD: In the early hours of Sunday morning, as the last shadows of night disappeared, a day of death and disaster dawned for the peaceful inhabitants of the eastern coast of England and the low plains of Belgium and Holland. Huge waves whipped up by powerful winds of unprecedented force and range covered wide areas of land, burst dams that protected Dutch and Belgian cities, blew off roofs, uprooted trees and flooded inhabited areas. Over 1,650 people, according to the latest reports, lost their lives and tens of thousands were injured. The damage to property is incalculable. Yesterday’s storm must be the worst ever to take place in the North Sea in terms of human lives lost and damage to property. MANOS HADJIDAKIS: The Greek pianist Mr I. Papadopoulos has had great success in his performances in Johannesburg in South Africa. Over a month ago, the great «Third Program» on the BBC (…) broadcast a specially recorded concert by the famous conductor Susskind, with Papadopoulos as a soloist, of works by the Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis. The concert received rave reviews in the newspapers. HOT DOGS: Athens is being Americanized. Ordinary sandwiches sold by street vendors are now being replaced by the famous «hot dogs,» rolls with sausages, that are popular in America. The vendors, who are doing brisk trade, boil the sausages in metal cans.