On Libya intervention and Greece’s arms procurements

Should America intervene this time?

As an American who lives in Greece, I am very aware of the anti-American stance taken by Greeks and others whenever the US government is involved.

It is with this in mind that I hope that the US government decides not to get involved with Libya and let the Greeks, Europeans, Arabs (whoever) handle this themselves this time.

The only thing I say to my Greek friends, hosts etc is when the situation turns into a crisis and the French, Brits and Arabs can’t figure it out and eventually call on the US to assist, I still hope we don’t intervene because then the leftist Greeks will come out of the woodwork like insects to condemn American intervention.

The final question? If America doesn’t intervene, will Greek leftists still complain that the USA didn’t help Libya?

Thoughts anyone?



Who?s being bullied to buy weapons?

It’s still a mystery to me how Greece has been «bullied» into buying expensive weapons from its main suppliers, the United States, Germany, and France, while other small to medium-sized countries in Europe don’t appear to be pushed around. Greece has more military power than any other NATO members of a similar size or smaller, and yet it is being pushed to buy weapons from the big suppliers, while Denmark, Norway, Portugal or Belgium don’t appear to face such pressure. If they do, they are doing a good job of standing firm and saying no. But Greece does not say no and the arms dealers keep plying their wares to the Greek government, knowing that Greece will buy and spend big to meet its security requirements. This is where some people have put the cart before the horse. The arms merchants push their weapons on Greece because they know that Greece spends a lot of money on weapons to help them feel more secure in a rough neighborhood, not because they are “bullying” them to buy. Otherwise, all of the small countries of Europe would feel the same kind of pressure to buy. Greece, and Turkey as well, have been regarded as big spenders on weapons for a long time, so it only makes sense that the defense contractors would come knocking at their doors first. 




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