April 5, 1953

ANTI-COMMUNIST STRUGGLE: (From a commentary in Kathimerini) «’Even under (the government of Alexandros) Papagos, the illegal communist mechanism is active,’ cry those who are nostalgic for centrist governments, after the recent incident in Klafthmonos Square (where leaflets printed by the Communist Party of Greece were scattered). We are aware of that. The newspaper Rizospastis still comes out occasionally, while communist youths make their presence felt whenever they can. Under the centrist government, the illegal communist mechanism had become entrenched. It will take a concerted effort before there is a complete catharsis of everything the Greek Rally party inherited.» OLYMPIC STADIUM: (From a commentary in Kathimerini) «A decision has been made to build an Olympic Stadium on Kifissias Avenue, and all those who own land and buildings in the area are wondering whether the land is still theirs or whether it belongs to the Stadium. Why do so many working people and small landowners have to be affected, when there are larger properties in the area belonging to two or three very rich people, who not only are not hurt by the construction of the stadium, but will become even richer, as they will be able to build on their fields? Why should so many lesser mortals be harmed in order to protect one rich person?»