The time for talk has run out

A classic tactic used to torpedo any chance at passing controversial reform in Greece is to insist on more dialogue to be held on the issue at hand.

Anytime someone wants to block changes to the status quo and to preserve their privileges or assumed rights, they maintain that the issue needs to be discussed in more depth and therefore buy themselves time in order to either sabotage the entire process or ensure that it is shelved for a later date.

Greece is in a position right now, however, where decisions need to be made fast.

The reform of the education sector, for one example, is an issue that has already been repeatedly delayed for decades, and the latest dialogue over changes to the tertiary education system has already been ongoing for at least a year.

Missing the opportunity that presents itself today to overhaul the education sector would be a major mistake. There comes a point where the time to talk runs out and the time to make a decision arrives.