April 8-14

GREECE-TURKEY I: The commander of Greece’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, Lt. Gen. Kitrilakis, leaves today for Istanbul, accompanied by his deputy, Lt. Gen. T. Dovas(…). The purpose of the visit by Greece’s top military leaders is to participate in map exercises under the supervision of US Admiral Carney. They will also take the opportunity to have talks on more general bilateral military issues, particularly the question of the defense of the border region of Thrace. GREECE-TURKEY II: Mytilene, 6 – The crew members of the Greek fishing boat Taxiarchis, who were arrested a few days ago by the Turkish authorities, were sentenced by a Turkish court to a month’s imprisonment. CRITICISM FROM SOPHOCLES VENIZELOS: The leader of the Liberals, Mr Sophocles Venizelos, made the following statements yesterday evening: «(…)Those with major debts could benefit by paying off what they owe with half the pounds sterling that they accumulated during this transition period.» FLEMING-KOUTSOURI: Dr Alexander Fleming is to marry his colleague Amalia Koutsouri today in Chelsea Town Hall. A church wedding will be held later in London’s Greek Orthodox Church. OLYMPIAKOS-PAO 2-0: April 10 – The second game of the Easter Cup was played at Panathinaikos Stadium before a crowd of about 10,000 fans. The game was won by Olympiakos, which defeated Panathinaikos 2-0.