Don?t protect the wrongdoers

The refusal — by politicians and state officials to make public the names of individuals and companies that owe big amounts of money to the state — in outstanding taxes and social security contributions — is strange to say the least.

Parliament has passed special legislation allowing the publication of wrongdoers? names, while foreign officials from Greece?s lenders — the European Union and the International Monetary Fund — have said that revealing the identity of tax and contribution dodgers is common practice in foreign states as governments seek to discourage tax evasion and the violation of obligations toward the state.

Nevertheless, an invisible veil appears to protect those who have for decades failed to live up to their obligations — which is one of the key reasons that law-abiding citizens are now having to shoulder extra taxes and social security contributions.

And, yes, it does require a great deal of political will to overcome the — largely hypocritical — reluctance of people who insist on protecting tax dodgers and all sorts of lawbreakers.