Misdirected demonization

Two major errors are being committed during these intense, insane times.

The first is the out-of-control, generalized demonization of public sector employees. It?s one thing to talk about the need to reduce the public sector and quite another to personally attack whoever happened to get their pension at the age of 50 or got hired by public enterprises, known as DEKOs, without any remarkable qualifications.

Now you may want to go back in time a little bit and remember how the system worked back then. After a Greek citizen graduated from university, he or she was most certain to get a job in the public sector because that?s the way it used to be. The person had no idea about debt dynamics, nor much else for that matter. They simply followed the rules and traditions of society and the entire political system.

All of sudden, the person in question feels as if the rug is being pulled from under their feet. They have calculated their actions based on their original contract with the political system.

Up to now they were certain they would get a decent pension, be able to pay for their children?s private tuition schools and shared maintenance expenses without having to think twice about turning on the heating.

There are exceptions to this, of course, such as the 50-year-old DEKO retirees with high pensions who have jobs for which they are paid under the table. However, they are not in the majority.

It is wrong to demonize these people because they got a job just like everybody else. They in turn are making the mistake of getting angry at those few responsible politicians who are currently trying to save the country. Wrath and contempt should be directed at those who promised and delivered jobs in the public sector without any sense of responsibility and without ever being held accountable for their actions. They stem from both major parties, although the left managed to acquire its own share after a certain moment in time.

It is outrageous to observe politicians who until recently distributed money and jobs urging people to go against the ?evils of the memorandum? and who now refuse to carry out their duties as ministers.

They are the ones who deceived the people and created the problem in the first place, and they are the ones fighting for the country to return to the drachma so that they can resume their tactics without restrictions or any kind of surveillance.

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