A shock to the system

The turmoil over the premier’s decision to shut down state broadcaster ERT has gone on long enough. It is now time for all involved to realize there is a lot more at stake now than the future of the broadcaster itself. If the country is forced to go to elections it is not at all certain that the result will lead to greater stability and a better climate for reforms and economic recovery. Indeed, recent polls suggest there would be a prolonged political deadlock if elections were held now.

The most significant result of the inconclusive outcome of last year’s elections was the effort by three parties to form a coalition that would help lead the country out of the crisis. Seeing as Greece has no tradition of political consensus and cooperation, the coalition seemed to be working out unexpectedly well. Unfortunately, the three parties in the government have been unable to meet the challenge of reforming the public sector. The shock closure of ERT, and the major crisis that this provoked, should make everyone aware of how easy it is for an accident to occur that could have catastrophic consequences for the stability that the country needs in order to start its difficult recovery.