On order, the economy, unemployment, politicians

Yes, economics do matter, but there is more to escape from Greece. My business contacts from Greece have a different problem. Given that the social web is collapsing and the authorities do not protect the public, how could their families survive and prosper? Most of my contacts have lots of money, but this is not enough. The social crisis creates problems that are more complicated than the economic depression. Only law and order could help. The Greek government should move quickly towards this direction.

Marvin Bruce

The economy

We, as in Europe, fought two world wars, the second in particular because the German race wanted to rule the world. They have learned; the rest of Europe has not. Having been soundly beaten when trying to use force they changed tactics and have used stealth. They now, just about, rule Europe and not a shot fired. Never trust a Greek bearing gifts? Never trust a German at all. Politically incorrect? Yes, but true nevertheless.

Ted Forster

Our politicians have no idea what’s going on

They’ve destroyed the country, and now expect the citizens to pay for their destruction. And they’re worried about citizens? reactions! One wonders how many now feel about the dictatorship. PASOK/ND are not political parties but fronts for state robbery, theft and betrayal of the country and citizens. All Greek parties are now traitors, and people have realized that they’re in it for their seat and its benefits.

Lionel Luthor

Debt responsibility

Mr Venzelios’s comments seem to indicate that the Greek government and Parliament are responsible for negotiating solutions to the debt crisis and then implementing them. If this is true, then what about the previous governments? and parliaments? responsibility? If we as citizens are to believe Mr Venzelios, what evidence can he provide to ensure that our interests are being considered, especially in light of the fact that no single MP has voluntarily offered to take a reduction in their salary, benefits, and/or pension, yet they continue to reduce ours.

Furthermore, not a single MP or other government employee has been tried in court for accepting bribes or other such benefits in any of the most recent scandals despite evidence to the contrary.

The events of last Friday indicate that the citizens no longer trust their government or the PMs elected to represent our interests.

Furthermore, the media seem to have no interest in investigating anything further than the official government story. Social media have brought about significant change in the Middle East by reporting the truth. The conditions for our children are quite similar to their peers east of here.

Beware. The truth is often liberating.

Jonathan Reynik


The Greek unemployment rate stands at 17.6% according to Eurostat. Once upon a time the Albanians came to Greece to find work in their thousands; now I guess the Greeks will be going to Albania to find work.

Elroy Huckelberry