Populists playing with fire

How irresponsible can one be to constantly test the patience and tolerance of Greece?s European Union peers?

With his reckless decision this weekend to announce a referendum on Greece?s debt deal agreed in Brussels last month, without even first discussing it with EU governments, Prime Minister George Papandreou has managed to frustrate his fellow European leaders as a pattern begins to emerge: The Greek administration first makes an agreement with our international creditors and then fails to enforce it or asks for it to be changed.

Greece?s premier is playing with fire — and he is doing an amateurish job at that.

Meanwhile, it?s hard to believe that foreign leaders are calling on Greek political parties to come to an understanding while the latter are busy exchanging barbs and accusations showing absolutely no willingness to cooperate.

Papandreou — and the other party leaders — are embarrassing the country in the eyes of the world.