A fiasco in the making

The reorganization of the Greek public sector has become something of a joke. Three years have passed since Greece pledged to streamline its civil service and yet no government has yet managed to get rid of the people it does not really need and employees who have been found to be in breach of regulations.

It is unfair to pin the failure to restructure the public administration on the present minister, Antonis Manitakis. Many of his colleagues at other ministries are refusing to send him the required lists of defunct state agencies, to draw up new organizational charts and to provide descriptions of the work being done by the staff under their jurisdiction.

There are certain high-ranking political officials behind this prevarication who are applying pressure so that certain agencies and certain posts don’t go.

However, what this means is that the cronyist state continues to flourish and Greece’s image abroad is tainted even further. Unless something is done soon, we are looking at a major political fiasco in the near future and no one knows what this would lead to.