On wage cuts, the civil service, capital flight, tax evasion, debt forgiveness, elections, rebuilding Greece

Like many Kathimerini readers I agree that Greeks in general are an intelligent race. Probably this is partly due to the vast sums parents spend on their children?s education. However, there is a difference between intelligence and plain common sense.

We have 40% of our youth unemployed — this in itself is a tragedy. Now we have an uproar because we are told to reduce basic salaries, specifically the 13th however, in doing so would be building a stronger more respectable Greece. One in which many Greeks and especially ex-pats would be proud of.

Greece is currently the butt of jokes of the entire world, thanks to PASOK, New Democracy, and the other power-hungry political parties.

There is a way out. Is there a will to implement it?

I pray so, as for many of us we have got used to major disappointments from Greece.

Jim Garland