Questions we never asked

No one doubts the right of Greek voters to be angry at the political parties which have held the reins of government in this country over the last few decades.

The electorate was, after all, asked to foot the exorbitant bill for the mismanagement, excessive public sector spending and corruption — and asked to do so in a rather violent manner.

Anger, however, should not be the sole criterion in determining how we cast our vote in the upcoming national elections.

We owe it to ourselves to ask the kind of questions which we unfortunately did not ask back in the good old days — questions such as ?Who are you planning on governing with?? or even ?What is your feasible, alternative plan, given the country?s current state of affairs??

Greece is now standing at a highly critical and dangerous point and this is the reason why it is crucial that we receive answers to these questions before taking on the responsibility of casting our own votes at the ballot boxes come May 6.