Everyone has to do his duty

The Greek people on Sunday laid to rest the party system that governed Greece for 30 years. It rejected PASOK and turned its back on the New Democracy leadership. It did not, however, provide solutions for how the country should be governed.

Greece urgently needs a national unity government with the broadest support and possibly Lucas Papademos as prime minister. Its aim must be to secure the country?s position in the euro but also to renegotiate, to whatever extent is possible, the bailout terms. It is vital that the pro-European parties renew themselves with serious people. As long as they have weak leaderships, inadequate staff and weak proposals, the forces of protest, rage and the drachma will grow.

Greece will go through tough times in the next few weeks and our European partners have to understand yesterday?s vote and support the pro-European parties. We have to avoid at all costs extreme actions and chaos. We expect SYRIZA leader Tsipras and all political leaders to contribute to the effort to save the country.