ND has to rise from the ashes

The country?s large center-right party has always played a pivotal role in the country?s European course. Founded by Constantine Karamanlis, New Democracy always gathered the country?s top elements, kept away from extremism and stood up to populism even though it represented the traditional populist right. ND urgently needs to rise again and rally all the center-right liberal powers which left its ranks or were removed.

It has to represent the center and get rid of any extremist and populist elements from its identity. Its current leadership made unforgivable mistakes by identifying itself with extreme anti-memorandum voices and moving away from the party?s moderate and stable pro-Western stance. Antonis Samaras realized his mistakes, but only after public opinion had lost its faith in ND.

However, at this point the center-right party has to fight against leftist populism and for Greece to stay in the euro. That?s why all serious officials must return. The same goes for the responsible center-left, and without delay. We need two poweful pro-European poles. The time of personal strategies is over.