Averting the biggest risks

Negotiations between party leaders that are bound to continue over the next few days must yield a unity government. Those who foolishly insisted on early elections must now realize that a new round may either lead to very dangerous experiments and the drachma, or to no government at all, national division and ultimately to a eurozone exit.

The chiefs of Greece?s political parties must carefully weigh their responsibility to the country. Alexis Tsipras and the other leaders on the anti-memorandum front need to ask themselves whether they are ready to govern and take on the risk of the country exploding.

If new elections become unavoidable it will be up to the sensible and responsible parties to fight. They will have to consider whether a united pro-European front is needed or whether an immediate renewal of leadership is called for. If no consensus is reached, especially among the pro-Europeans, a disaster will be hard to avert.