Violence is never justified

While there is an urgent need for the country to curb the phenomenon of illegal immigration, under no circumstances should this be used to justify a series of recent murderous attacks on migrants which are taking place on a daily basis both in Athens and in others parts of the country.

The state is the only entity in charge of solving the immigration issue, which has been dragging on for years, and no one has the right to take the law into their own hands.

It is imperative that those people who believe they have the jurisdiction to ?cleanse? the country of illegal immigrants be dealt with in a particularly firm manner, which could go some way toward deterring others who may be entertaining the same thoughts.

While it is true that Greece can no longer bear the consequences of having an excessive number of undocumented migrants residing within its borders, this should under no circumstances be used as an alibi with regard to legalizing incidents of blind violence and undisguised racism.