Bold initiatives?

It had only been a few days since the partial, but significant, fall of the «wall» dividing Cyprus, when another barrier appeared ready to crumble in Brussels… Meeting for the first time, Greek- and Turkish-Cypriot journalists visited the European Parliament for a debate – about the Cyprus problem and other everyday issues plaguing the island – with officials responsible for decision-making in the EU. «We find ourselves today in a new situation, which we must boldly face with daring initiatives. Developments are now progressing at an entirely new pace,» PASOK Euro MP Myrsini Zorba said on the occasion of the remarkable meeting bringing together press representatives from free Cyprus and the island’s Turkish-occupied north in Brussels. «We are convinced that where there is greater citizen participation, politicians are less prone to rhetoric, problems are solved with the correct outlook and in less time. Politics is in step with economic development and prosperity, and all the above go hand in hand with democratic values, freedom of expression and human rights. Whoever is unable to understand this is unlucky…» But unfortunately, the fact remains that the «unlucky ones» are hardly few and far between – comprising not just those who are «unable to understand» but chiefly those who don’t want to!