Carpe diem

The country has a unique opportunity to turn the page. Society has displayed incredible maturity and responsibility, despite all the hardships. Reforms which had been under discussion for decades are now materializing, putting the public sector’s waste and bad management in order. The country has become, albeit in a painful and violent way, more competitive. Foreign investment funds are once again interested in Greece and are increasingly testing the waters. Superpowers like China are willing to invest in major projects.

This opportunity should not be missed. Don’t let us down, Mr Prime Minister, Mr Venizelos and Mr Kouvelis. Seize this opportunity and show the people that you will govern Greece in a new way. Prove that you reject the old practices of party favors and partisan choices. You will displease your courtiers but earn the support of those who ask, ‘How can those who brought us here in the first place save us?’ You can restore the political system’s honor.