Debasing the House

It has become more than apparent that there are certain people who are determined to completely ridicule the institution of Parliament at any given chance.

These individuals behave badly, speak out of line and verbally abuse their peers, displaying behavior that is totally unacceptable and which points to the particularly low level to which the Greek political arena has sunk.

Insults, threats and the kind of talk one comes across at bars and local cafes have become a common fixture when Greek MPs meet in Parliament to debate policy during crucial parliamentary sessions.

Something must be done to change this situation.

If this kind of repulsive behavior persists any longer, the House will begin reminding Greeks of certain dark periods in the country’s history and create a feeling in society that there is a situation developing that may lead to civil strife.

What is currently unfolding in Parliament on a daily basis could be the beginning of a dangerous spiral that could lead the country downhill.

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