Satire and politics

Every political party and politician in Greece wants to have their own private media, that is a newspaper or a television channel that will conform to their every whim and desire.

The truth is that many of our politicians would indeed like to see satire and harsh criticism disappear. This is because they are allergic to meaningful debate and difference of opinion.

Too bad for them. Officials have to learn to tolerate all of these and avoid ad hominem attacks against those who are simply doing their jobs without resorting to slander and without serving ulterior motives.

The maturity of a politician is to a significant degree judged by the way he handles criticism. It’s about time Greek politicians of all colors realized that if they want to have a voice in the media, then they must settle for those affiliated with their own parties. Otherwise they will just have to learn to live with criticism and satire like so many generations of honorable politicians did before them.