A critical phase

Greece is entering a most critical phase of its recovery. The elections for the European Parliament and local authorities are behind us, and there is a possibility of the government (with the support of smaller parties and independents) being able to muster the 180 deputies needed for Parliament to elect a president next spring. This means that national elections may be avoided and the government will have a chance to complete its term in 2016.

In this period, the government has to take steps to achieve stability in the economy. Apart from negotiating debt relief with our partners and creditors in the coming months, it must get the local economy moving. This means: ensuring market liquidity so businesses can begin to grow; establishing a fair and stable tax regime; dealing with problems caused by the excessive taxation of some groups in recent years; and making the public administration more effective.

These measures will encourage investment and growth. Above all, however, the government has to show that it believes in reform because the reforms are aimed at improving the lives of citizens. Nothing else will ensure the political and economic stability that our society needs.