Stop moaning and get in the game

There are so many people who love spending their days talking about the crisis and proclaiming that they know exactly what needs to be done to solve the country’s problems. Some of them obviously feel important because their names have at some point been associated with a political party or they have been perceived by someone as having all the answers. Others’ speciality is doling out criticism against the people and society. They believe that the people should invite them down from the mountain like prophets to save the country but are chagrined to observe that the people just haven’t reached that level of maturity yet. Then there are the others who spend morning, noon and night hatching new conspiracies for the creation of the next indestructible political formation.

This all comes together to form a great big narcissistic circle that leads nowhere. Quite frankly I am tired of hearing excuses from people who get close but ultimately balk from becoming involved in politics.

In politics, the timing will never be ideal, nothing can be ventured without risk and the perfect conditions for an experiment will never transpire just as we imagined them. Discussing whether an idea should first be allowed to mature before taking the leap is also ridiculous.

The fact is that something’s got to give. The part of society that works hard, pays taxes and believes in Europe and bold reforms is desperate, if not disgusted. But it too bears its share of responsibility for turning its nose up at politics and leaving it to the clowns.

New Democracy never had such a motley mix of lumpen types because its core was represented by the dynamic middle class.

It is wrong for anyone who cares about the common good and the interests of the nation to snub politics, to show disdain for either the old or the new parties, to avoid becoming involved in civil society, in municipal councils, anywhere they can have some influence and make a difference. We can’t whinge about the quality of our politicians and do nothing about it.

I personally have a great deal of respect for anyone who decides to get involved in politics today, to become active either with existing parties or try something new.

It takes courage and nerves of steel. But this is the only way. Nothing good can come of leaving politics to the lunatics, the clowns and the extremists.

So, my advice is get up from your group psychotherapy couches and get in the game. Otherwise, please stop moaning and let the play go on with the players we have.

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