Some restraint would not go amiss

Greece has paid a dear price for politicians who use exaggerated language or adopt extreme positions. Consequently, politicians of the younger generation, such as the chief of the main opposition party, ought to know better than to bandy about terms such as “apostasy.”

Greece in 2014 is nothing like it was in 1965 and no one wants to see it go back to a time of turmoil and civil strife. The past needs to be left to the historians. For our part as citizens, meanwhile, we should all do what we can to ensure that the country is never again torn apart by internal division.

One should not mimic political leaders from bygone eras without taking into account the context in which they were acting and talking, or one runs the risk of underestimating the maturity of the Greek public. Greece is entering an intense and difficult phase and it would be best for the opposition – and the government as well – to show a little more restraint when it comes not just to what it does, but also what it says.