August 22, 1953

MARKEZINIS’S PLANS: It has been announced that invitations for international bids for linking the northern with the southern sector of the national electricity grid and the construction of fuel refineries are ready. The publication of these invitations is expected as soon as the budget is tabled in Parliament, along with the investment program for the financial year that has just begun. GREEK WOMEN’S PARTY: Dimitra E. Mercouri, G. Tsintaraki, Aristea I. Constantianou and E.D. Papadoukaki have submitted a statement to the Supreme Court prosecutor’s office stating that they have founded a political party under the banner of the Independent Democratic Party of Greek Women, which has ivy as its emblem. EVERY TWO WEEKS: The Association of Karpathos Islanders in Piraeus has issued a protest asking for the non-implementation of a decision by the Shipping Ministry that ships are to dock on the island of Karpathos only every two weeks. MODERN GREEK THEATER: Samartzi Theater, Kotopouli Company: The last performance of the hilarious comedy «The Marquess of the Slums» by Alekos Sakellarios and C. Yiannakopoulos is to take place tonight.PEURIFOY DEPARTS GREECE: On Sunday, August 9, the US Ambassador to Greece John Peurifoy, whose tour of duty in Greece has just ended, left the country by air with his family.