Consensus and rejuvenation

The result of Sunday’s crucial general elections was undoubtedly a significant win for the leftist SYRIZA party. But it was also a failure for the traditional middle-class political forces.

It is everyone’s hope now that the new government, whomever it will consist of, will be in the position to carry out the tough negotiations that lie ahead with the country’s international partners and creditors without putting its future in the single currency bloc in jeopardy.

However, the truth is that without a national consensus on the domestic front and without some level of understanding between political parties, the country will be in a weaker negotiating position and to this end, the pro-European and conscientious opposition has a duty to agree with the government on anything it does that forwards the country’s best interests.

Greeks are set to face some very difficult days and weeks ahead and they will need a strong center-right and a united center-left to help them through this turbulent period. Both of these camps need to sit down and rethink their ideas, their policies and especially their officials and cadres.

In these times of difficult choices and rapid developments, the country should not be left without reliable and dynamic alternatives.