Seal the deal

The aim of the negotiations currently taking place between Greece and its partners and creditors ought to be the lightening of the burden of those most hit by the crisis as well as reinforcing growth levels.

If negotiations drag on for too long, leaving behind nothing but ruins, this will not lead to lower unemployment levels or to the country entering a period of growth.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras obviously understands the kind of pressures and the difficulties attached to such an endeavor.

Too much time has been wasted in commentary and gestures which did not win Greece any friends and allies at European decision-making centers. Now there is very little time left and the negotiations must be concluded as soon as possible. After a certain point, a rift with the eurozone will prove harmful to both sides, although Greece has more to lose.

What is needed is in order to avert disaster is the truth and rhetoric that will unify all of the forces involved, both in Greece and abroad, rather than divide them.