Hunting, a bloody and medieval sport

I and every animal organization in Greece loudly applauds and very much appreciates the position of Kathimerini on this outrageous issue. If only we had more clear voices like Kathimerini’s, Greece wouldn’t be back in the Dark Ages when it comes to issues concerning ecology and the environment. Your response to the «hunting organizations» was a bull’s eye, only I would have added so much more. I would like to ask these same hunting organizations if they have ever been to Aegina and to the bird preserve and seen the pelicans, storks, gulls and hawks that are mutilated and torn apart by bullets and shotgun shells. How many thousands more have been killed or left to die. Have these hunting organizations seen what happens to dogs that do not hunt or become to old? Aesop’s Friends of the Animals has seen hundreds. Drama has a kennel that is full of abandoned hunting dogs. Please note that these are only the survivors. The vast majority are simply shot. Have these hunting organizations seen what happens to the dogs that are allowed to live during the «off» (undefined) season and their short chains, empty water bowls and the tiny little filthy cages they live in for the other eight months. We all laughed at the 3,000 indictments that everyone knows means absolutely nothing. Please ask the hunting organization how many of these 3,000 indictments led to a conviction with a serious fine or jail and then compare that to the illegal kills and number of birds in Aegina and dumped and killed hunting dogs. We personally would like to see hunting, a medieval blood sport, disappear back to the Middle Ages where it came from. Greece will not emerge from the Middle Ages until these archaic laws are changed. LENA SIMEONIDOU LEAHY, President Aesop’s Friends of the Animals, Kavala.

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