October 10, 1953

SIX PEOPLE RECEIVE DEATH SENTENCES: Thessaloniki, 9 – According to a telegram from Kavala, after two days of deliberation, the town’s military tribunal issued its ruling this evening on the trial of 20 residents of Alexandroupolis, who were accused in connection with possession of wireless radio transmitters used by the communists for the purpose of committing espionage. The court has sentenced six people to death: N. Koinakis, G. Ephremidis, E. Economidis, A. Senteris, I. Tsakiris and I. Santos. They also sentenced the following to terms of life imprisonment: S. Lastis and A. Tzemis. B. Koinakis and Eleni Kouniridou were each sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment, Ilias Peristeris to 15 years, and E. Peristeris to 10 years. Maria Ephremidou, P Antzemis and D. Santos each received shorter sentences of up to three years’ imprisonment. Kyriaki Architektonidi and Epiniki Koinaki, aged 17 and 16 respectively, were each sentenced to two years’ incarceration in reform schools. Vassiliki Koinaki and A. Karakaktsidis were acquitted due to mental incapacity and V. Manaidis was declared innocent. Those sentenced all requested an appeal.