October 11, 1953

AMERICAN EMBASSY: Yesterday morning the deputy finance minister, Mr Lambros Evtaxias, on behalf of the State, and US Ambassador Cavendish Cannon signed a contract completing the transfer of a property on Vassilissis Sofias Avenue to the American government for the purpose of erecting a new embassy. After signing the agreement, Mr Cannon expressed his government’s warmest thanks to the Greek government and people for their generous gesture. The ambassador emphasized that this piece of Greek land being made available to the American government not only had the usual monetary value, but expressed and would express for all time the unfailing friendship between the two peoples. Mr Evtaxias thanked the US ambassador for his kind words and added that Greece felt a deep appreciation for the material and moral assistance which the US provided and said he was happy to have had the honor of signing the property transfer contract on behalf of the government. (Ed. note: The US Embassy building was designed by the great architect Walter Gropius and completed in 1960-61.)