Signs of decline?

If opposition New Democracy is capable of instigating the huge wave of strike action that the government has been struggling to contain, if it can check and dictate unfavorable international reports (such as the one revealing us as the champions of corruption), and if it can sway public opinion against the «great» achievements of the government, then it is anything but incapable of assuming power – whatever PASOK may say. Of course, the ability and readiness of ND to undertake the responsibilities of government do not depend on the sinister and extraordinary powers to which government spokesman Christos Protopappas attributes them, nor on the government’s disdainful criticism of ND’s ability to govern. This will be judged, as always, following an election victory. However, disagreements among PASOK’s PR officials about the reasons for the government’s continuing decline, and the ways in which the current unfavorable climate can be improved, do not disguise but rather underscore the ruling party’s real problems. When signs of the government’s decline first became evident, about 18 months ago, we heard about the initial intra-party conflicts following rumors that Prime Minister Costas Simitis did not enjoy the unwavering support of his ministers and party officials. Then there were plans to instigate mass action in order to improve the dire situation, which were swiftly abandoned – probably due to a lack of competent officials to undertake such a crusade.