October 18, 1953

EVACUATION ARRANGEMENTS: The interior minister, Mr Pafsanias Lykourezos, has approved a police order regarding the evacuation of sectors of the population in case of an emergency. According to the provisions of the order, if an evacuation is announced in the press or over the radio, the heads of families concerned are obliged to take their families to places designated by the air defense service (…). Each person may take with them a blanket and food and clothing of not more than 50 kilos in weight (…). Shouting or disobeying the authorities is prohibited. Violators will be subjected to severe criminal penalties. GREECE-ROMANIA: A proposal by Romania for the resumption of trade and diplomatic relations with Greece has been accepted. TZARTZANOS: New books – «Modern Greek Syntax» (demotic), second edition, Volume II, by Achilleas A. Tzartzanos, School Textbook Publishing House, Athens 1953. SIDERIS: New books – «History of Economic Theories, Volume I» (on the value of price theories, wages, interest rates and business profits), by A.D. Sideris, Argyris Papazisis Publications.