November 8, 1953

AMERICAN AID: The US ambassador, Mr Cavendish Cannon, accompanied by the head of the US mission in Greece, Mr Barrows, yesterday visited the prime minister, Field Marshal Alexander Papagos, and made the following statement on behalf of his government: «Despite the restrictions imposed by Congress on foreign economic aid for the current financial year, Washington has set aside the sum of 21 million dollars for Greece as economic aid for the current year.» KING AND QUEEN: (Ann Arbor, Michigan) 7 – King Pavlos and his entourage moved into the Dearborn Hotel yesterday afternoon, where they attended a luncheon in honor of the king given by Mr and Mrs Henry Ford, of the automobile industry. ADVERTISING SPOT: The writer Mr Alekos Sakellarios yesterday began filming a short advertisement at the Spentzos film studio for the «Journalists’ Lottery,» titled «Charlot Dreams.» CHEZ NOUS: The biggest surprise of this winter season is the Chez Nous dancing variety club, decorated in the Mexican style, with the most amazing foreign attractions. An unprecedented spectacle.