November 10, 1953

QUEEN FREDERIKI – VISHINSKY: (Ed. note: Andrei Vishinsky, prewar prosecutor at the trial of Moscow and postwar vice president of the Soviet Union at the UN, had, during the Greek civil war, launched a strong attack from the UN General Assembly podium against the governments in Athens and the king and queen of Greece.) «At the dinner held in honor of the Greek king and queen (in New York) by the UN secretary-general, Mr Dag Hammerskold, Mr Vyshinski sat to the right of Queen Frederiki. Decked out in his finest regalia, he was tireless in his praise of the Greek people. Wonders will never cease!» ROUSSOS KOUNDOUROS: Before a small group of scientists and filmmakers, the first 16-millimeter scientific color film was screened yesterday (Novemer 6) at the theater of the Education Ministry. The film showed a heart operation filmed by Mr Roussos Koundouros in the operating room of the Nea Ionia Hospital. ETHICS: New books: «A Girl’s Virtue,» by G. Papageorgiou Eraldy, Athens, 1953.