November 25, 1953

MARKEZINIS’S MEASURES: Yesterday’s speech to Parliament by the minister for coordination, Mr Spyros Markezinis, can be divided into two parts: First, his report on economic policy exercised during the first year under the government of Prime Minister Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos and, secondly, the program for the future. Mr Markezinis said the main economic measure taken was the revaluation of the drachma, which was achieved to a degree that transcended the expectations of the government itself. (…) Mr Markezinis said that after the farmers, who had been given priority, the government would be turning its attention to civil servants, employees in the private sector and workers. IN EXILE: Spyros Markezinis: «We have moved to abolish the closed professions, beginning with tobacco workers.» D. Theocharidis: «In order to implement the law, seven people have been sent into exile.» Markezinis: «If you think that seven people can reverse a policy, you are mistaken.» Theocharidis: «Then why did you exile them?» Markezinis: «If necessary, we will exile others.» (This last statement received loud applause.)