November 28,1953

ALEXANDROS PAPAGOS: The prime minister, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos, addressed Parliament yesterday, saying, «The opposition will have to realize that we are going to stay in power until the very last second of our term.» K. VOVOLINIS: «God is with you, Prime Minister,» said K. Vovolinis. CONSTANTINE MITSOTAKIS: Mr Constantine Mitsotakis criticized the government by saying that despite its promises and declarations, it has done nothing for the people as a whole, particularly farmers and the self-employed. OCCUPATION LOANS: In his speech, Mr Mitsotakis claimed that reconstruction was possible only through long-term, low-interest loans. The minister for coordination (Mr Spyros Markezinis), he said, should ensure that credits from Germany should provide some minimum relief for the people who had suffered so much as a result of Nazism. He said that during his trip to Bonn, Mr Markezinis should have dealt with the cost of Germany’s occupation of Greece, which was hundreds of millions of dollars higher than that provided for in international agreements.