December 4, 1953

GREECE-ITALY: The Minister for Coordination, Mr Spyros Markezinis, signed an agreement in Rome yesterday for credits of up to $25 million. Of that amount, $10 million are destined to fund hydroelectric projects only. GREECE-BULGARIA: Paris, 3 – Greek-Bulgarian negotiations on the restoration of relations between the two countries have stagnated, but are not considered terminated. A representative of the Greek Embassy said this evening that talks continue between the Greek Ambassador, Mr Raphail, and his Bulgarian counterpart Mr Nedelkov, although they have not been able to reach an agreement. GREECE-EUROPE: London, 3 – According to a report from Brussels, a plan to support economic and social progress in Greece by means of international investments was the subject of discussion there today by a 12-member delegation of Greeks and a group of European politicians and economists headed by Mr Paul Henri Spaak. Mr Leon Makkas, a former minister, expounded on the current desperate situation Greece finds itself in.