December 16, 1953

AMERICA’S HOPES FOR EUROPE: At 6 p.m. yesterday, His Majesty King Pavlos received the Greek and foreign press corps at the Royal Palace and made the following statements: «During our visit to the United States, (…) The queen (Frederiki) and I had the opportunity to travel for four weeks from one end of that beautiful and great country to the other. What made a great impression on me was the clear desire on the part of the American people, as for us on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, to unite as one family in a common European purpose. Their desire, to see in Europe a real unity of purpose, is absolutely selfless. Their desire is solely to help us, for us to help ourselves. On this point, I feel that Greece has to carry out a great and noble mission. Greece’s mission is to keep alive this message of unity within our own country and at the same time to contribute to implementing it outside our borders.» YESTERDAY’S SOCCER RESULTS: Panathinaikos – EK 0-0, Panionios-Apollo 1-1, Olympiakos – E. Nikaia 4-2.