December 24, 1953

DEATH SENTENCE: Ioannina, 22 – After conferring for four hours, the permanent military tribunal here issued its verdict in the espionage trial at 1 p.m. today. The court unanimously sentenced: Spyros Kobouras to death, Aristotelis Markou to death by four votes to one, Thomas Rappos to life imprisonment and others to lesser terms. Nine other people were acquitted. SKARAMANGAS SHIPYARDS: The government has decided that the Skaramangas Shipyards, repaired and reorganized, should begin operations as soon as possible. Therefore, in early January, tenders will be called to rent the shipyards, which belong to the Royal Navy, to private enterprises. It is estimated that the shipbuilding industry will employ 1,500-2,000 skilled workers. AMERICANS: The US Navy destroyers Smalley, Bronson, Dale and Cotten have arrived in Piraeus from Korean waters. On the initiative of the crews of the four ships, on Christmas Day they will host about 140 orphans. ITALIAN ‘FETA’: The wholesale price for a shipment of 1,065 barrels of Italian feta cheese has been set at 20,500 drachmas per oka (approximately 1.2 kilos).