January 13, 1954

ARREST OF A COMMUNIST: Communist cadre Dimitris V. Kardasis, a 30-year-old student and leading member of the illegal Communist Party of Greece (KKE), was arrested after being found in a specially constructed hiding place under the floor of a room in the Piraeus home of Michalis Vassileiou, a 60-year-old pensioner. (…) As deduced from the evidence found among Kardasis’s possessions, it appears that he was the prime agitator during a protest rally at the Panathenaic Stadium to call for the union of Cyprus and Greece (…). Kardasis had a price of 18 million drachmas on his head, which will be distributed among the some 40 police officers involved in the arrest. DINNER FOR SOVIETS: Thessaloniki, 11 – This evening the minister for Northern Greece and Mrs Andreas Stratou gave a dinner for the Russian ambassador and Mrs Sergeyev also attended by the ministry’s secretary-general, Mr Papageorgiou, the mayor and Mrs Petrakakis, the university rector and Mrs Sigala, the president and secretary-general of the Thessaloniki International Fair Messrs Tsitis and Samaras, the industrialist Mr Georgiadis and the president of the Labor Center, Mr Theodorou.