Degeneration of vision

Degeneration of vision

“Tarnishing the left with the approval of a memorandum would be criminal,” according to parliamentary speaker Zoe Constantopoulou.

Clearly the House speaker has taken the time to weigh the cost attached to such a move in terms of the SYRIZA party and the country’s trajectory, and came to the conclusion that in the end the scale is tipping toward the party and not the country.

While the issue in question exclusively concerns the fate of ruling SYRIZA, it is rubbing off on the Greek people because the radical left party forms the core of the elected government and its survival depends on it.
It is a discussion without end, one exclusively conceived for local consumption, at a time when the country’s biggest challenges – from immigration to tax evasion – are spiraling out of control and the country is reeling under pressure from multiple fronts.

|Similarly to the country as a whole, local media outlets are also stuck in a tight, repetitive cycle of arguments which ultimately intensify the general feeling of being held captive as well as the prevailing sense of introversion – all over again. This is because from Poul Thomsen to Delia Velculescu, the only thing that has changed in the last five years in Greece, besides the troika’s representatives, is the population’s age and the state of its economy – to both of which new burdens and debts are constantly being added.

Meanwhile, the notion that the fundamental problem right now is whether the left will be tarnished or not is shared by other SYRIZA members as well.

The sudden publicity, both locally and abroad, along with the sweet sensation of exercising power for the first time have woven a cocoon (without any protective qualities) of delusions for the majority of the ruling party’s members.

Once inside this cocoon they are living their own version of reality – dated, limited and shrinking – which is far removed from that being experienced by the rest of the world and which they interpret with obsolete tools.

They believe that by reviving their own, early 20th century leftist ideals, they will save Greece and change 21st century Europe.

The macula lutea, the pigmented area near the retina of the eye, is responsible for central vision, for sharpness and the ability to observe detail. According to the dictionary, the most frequent eye disease to cause vision loss is macular degeneration, a condition which is related to age. In the case of SYRIZA, however, the degeneration of its view of reality is not about age.

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