Horror vacui

New Democracy, Greece’s conservative party, is in need of radical restructuring as well as fresh leadership. After all, this is why it has decided to hold a leadership contest. The point of the race is not to cause further political damage.

It will take a great deal of self-discipline and responsibility on the part of all four candidates (and other key players inside the party) to make sure the procedure which is set to take place in two rounds next month does not end up in a huge fiasco. The signs so far have not been very encouraging.

All that is happening at a time when the country is at a very crucial juncture. A large section of society is eager to see a more efficient and constructive opposition vis-a-vis the leftist-led government, and for this reason expects more from ND.

If the conservatives fail to live up to people’s expectations, we will inevitably be reminded of the fact that nature abhors a vacuum.