February 3, 1954

DIANA ANTONAKATOU: (From a review by Angelos G. Prokopiou) – «I have not seen a solo exhibition by Antonakatou since February 1951 (…). The recent presentation of 78 of her works came as a great surprise to me. The artist has overcome her earlier hesitation and has been working in the countryside with commendable zeal. Particularly in the miniatures of her native Cephalonian landscape, she has revealed a chromatic detail full of love and sensitivity (…). GREEK HOSTAGES: The International Committee of the Red Cross has been informed by the Hungarian Red Cross that the Hungarian government has decided to hand over, in mid-February, 1,172 Greek hostages being held in its territory. The Greek government has asked for a detailed list of the 1,172 names (…) because the list of names of people known to have been kidnapped by the outlaws, chiefly from Epirus, and who live in Hungary included only 616. It is suspected that the Soviet satellite states will use the opportunity to send back to Greece fugitive outlaws who are starving on the other side of the Iron Curtain.