Refashioning New Democracy

The new leader of New Democracy will have to refashion the conservative party’s structure, image and political creed. The party simply cannot continue in its existing state and it will soon wither away unless brave decisions are made.

First of all, a serious discussion must take place regarding the political content of a center-right party. Virtually all conservative politicians like to refer to the legacy of the late Constantine Karamanlis, but they all interpret it in accordance with their personal interests.

Times have changed since Karamanlis’s days. ND folk need to come up with answers to hard questions. And the truth is that Greece’s main opposition party would benefit from a makeover with new faces and organization. ND cannot afford to be an elitist party, but neither can it style itself as a populist one.

The conservatives must make sure they stay in touch with society and regain the trust of thousands of non-aligned voters who are anxious about the future of this country.