Dangerous talk

The threat that Greece may be kicked out of the eurozone needs to be taken off the negotiating table once and for all.

In its current fragile condition, the Greek economy has little chance of getting back on its feet when this threat keeps being bandied around by European officials who want to turn up the heat on the government.

Nor does such talk help those inside and outside the government who want the current review by the country’s creditors to end successfully so that Greece can move on the next phase with as little drama as possible and without any more political mishaps.

We must also consider the Greek people, who will end up feeling that, whatever they do, at the end of the day the country’s place in the eurozone is not secure.

Statements suggesting that Greece’s position in the euro family is precarious are only pouring oil onto the fire of anti-European populism and giving more ammunition to the drachma lobby.