February 9, 1954

HOURMOUZIOS VS MELAS: (The then editor of Kathimerini, Emilios Hourmouzios, also a theater and literature critic, replies in the form of a letter to an attack by Spyros Melas): «Dear Kathimerini, Naturally Mr Spyros Melas was right in what he wrote against me yesterday. Mr Spyros Melas is known throughout the country for his selfless struggles, his courage, his many and great services to the nation in good times and bad, his dignity as a man of letters and the consistency of his views on people and events. Just a few weeks ago, Mr Melas wrote the following about a certain person, and I quote: ‘When I say criticism, I refer only to that which is worthy of our attention – that which has the three necessary characteristics, which are intellectual authority, objectivity and good faith… That is why I am here today to speak about the reservations expressed by my distinguished colleague Mr (the name of someone insulted yesterday). I have nothing but the deepest respect for his intellectual prowess, his breadth of knowledge and his natural critical abilities…’ The person in question never thought of taking Mr Melas seriously.»