February 12, 1954

ROYAL COUPLE ON CEPHALONIA: According to telegrams from Argostoli, crowds of people have converged on the town from all over the island of Cephalonia to welcome King Pavlos and Queen Frederiki on their visit to the island yesterday. The welcome was compared to that given to King George I in 1865. MITSOTAKIS IN PARLIAMENT: During yesterday’s parliamentary session, Mr Constantine Mitsotakis, rapporteur for the minority party, said that the opposition was opposed to Law 2500 as it was an attempt to carry out a party purge of the civil services. He said the government should be ashamed of the particular legislation. The government deputies protested at Mitsotakis’s latter statement, demanding that he withdraw it. Mr Mitsotakis (…) said that even under the August 4 dictatorship, for a civil servant to be suspended a decree had to be issued on the basis of a substantiated report. Mr Kalkanis observed that true Greeks believed the events of that time were a credit to Greece. (Here there was applause from the ruling party deputies and cries of «Shame» and «Shame on those who praise a dictatorship within Parliament,» amid a general uproar.)